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Lahore and outskirts
Nothing of lasting value gets accomplished until we are able to shatter the horrible isolation of the mentally ill on the street.  The hope and trust we give must be genuine. It must overflow from natural kindness and not from religiosity or mechanical (duty-bound) servitude. We are to love for love's sake, and establish a caring community where there is none, or where existing ones are inadequate. IRI is completely non-sectarian, and subject to whatever norms and values are expressed by the street people serve (the people we dare to touch).

Our grassroots unconditional regard, non-sectarian, multi-ethnic approaches break down the legalese/taboo barriers inherent in cultures where scientific ignorance, and fear, has pushed the sufferer into inner caverns of passivity and hopelessness.     

Street Wellness Initiative     

Andres, Dominican 
RHD (Men's Net)
Street Wellness Initiative
Role-play Characterization Network
Men's Net
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A challenge from Ursula in 2015 became, COOPHA - an educational cooperative in Andres, Boca Chica, a region ripe with prostitution, sexual trafficking, and drug cartel activity. Prior to this, Ursula and her sister Julia (caregivers for my sick father Benito) attempted to provide limited case management, but were hampered by not having a dedicated building. Now the biggest challenge is how to provide services to poor uneducated men in a region rife with violence, legalese-religiosity, and superstition. Fulfilling Ursula's vision will take a lifetime's worth of innovation in the areas of crisis intervention, alternative education, and micro-business acumen.

As SAREC we now include the entire family!

But nature came to our aid, surrounding us with clean-crisp skies for our astronomy classes, hundreds of caves & fossil sites for our geology & geography classes, easy to grow fruits & vegetables, and interested friends & neighbors. 

Why not replace machismo with social & personal insight?  

Why not use Montessori-like education methods with adults who are functionally illiterate?  

Thanks to the New England founders of Men's Net - from whose ashes SAREC was born!

Warren Fees (in Memoriam)

Roger Labonte
Francisco L. Gonzalez
Ursula Eusebio de los Santos

human experience 
through role-play 
& metaphor
Our humanities education venues stress conflict resolution as their primary objectives, a close second to abstract thinking and logic. Our educational cooperative and street university provide PRIMERS in math, physics, and astronomy. But the heart of its pedagogy is the SOCIAL SCIENCES: understanding society, culture, political & religious institutions (the norms & values of a society) - mainly what is experienced locally by the membership. 

Francisco Luis Gonzalez
Ursula Eusebio de Los Santos
... is what we do!!!
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTS of the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Calle Respaldo La Marina, Andres, Boca Chica

Our programs:

Oasis Cafe - The Oasis Cafe is a family centered eatery that serves our members and the community. Members enjoy low-cost meals and enjoy an alcohol-free environment.    

English Language Immersion Program - Our advanced programs encompass beginner & intermediate stages; the program uses pre-algebra and word-learning-games to immerse students into functional grammar & academic writing.

Role-play Characterization Network - This novel game-pedagogy teaches the Humanities by means of astronomy/geography role-play.  

Rural Design & Innovation - We utilize iron-smiths and masons to create novel structures used for agriculture and inexpensive climate-change resistant housing.

Ambience-based Therapies - We are exploring novel ways of providing Holistic Case Management, Referrals, and Follow-up care.  

Funding:  We are funded by scientists and educators, worldwide, who purchase our extrasolar globes.

Welcoming Congregation


RCN: Role-play Characterization Network, is an adult-montessori pedagogy involving astronomy and geography.  Using simple geometric star-maps, our students explore current trends in astrophysics - specifically the search for extrasolar (extraterrestrial) earth-amalgams. 

Students use a variety of materials to build globes and maps, thus exploring real-world concepts such as geology, ecology, and climate.   

Further along - students employ previous knowledge to the social sciences: natural history, civilizations and their value/credo systems.





ancient ceremonial sites 

scale:  1 millimeter = 1 kilometer